Frequently Asked Questions

At DONOKU, we work hard to ensure that your design needs are met to the fullest. We offer experience and expertise, and are always professional. Please read through our list of FAQ's.


DONOKU is a full-service advertising and marketing agency that creates and implements marketing plans of any size and scope. During the past ten years of brand positioning and advertising, we have gained a tremendous amount of respect by successfully answering all of our clients’ questions and concerns.

We have condensed this knowledge into a clear Frequently Asked Questions page that we use every day. We hope they will benefit both you and your company.


*When are your operating hours?

Our office hours are Monday to Friday, from 8:00AM to 5:00PM, Pacific Standard Time.

*What is the process for beginning a new project?

All projects start with an “information-gathering” phase. You will be required to provide us with information about your business, past graphic designs/web work, project objectives, audience, competition and aesthetical preferences. For projects including graphics design work, any number of mockups will be delivered. Feedback is requested, and successive revisions (or complete reworks if needed) are re-delivered until the client’s objective has been reached.

Technologies to be used for the project will be chosen by our team based on our expertise, availability, budget, future, and ease of development and maintenance.

IMPORTANT: If you have special preferences or requirements regarding your job, please let us know in advance.

*How often will I be able to see my developing project?

If the project involves coding work, the development of this work will be shown as each of the successive phases takes place, or when our project manager needs feedback. Although we are happy to show the developmental stages of your project, sometimes the labor required to present this is high or cannot be shown for technical reasons. In such cases, we will continue to work on the project and show its development as soon as possible, informing the client of the reasons and providing an estimated date when the situation will be resolved.


*How is the workflow determined?

After confirming your project with one of our commercial managers, a project manager will contact you via email or instant messaging (IM) software to explain additional steps.

*How will I be able to communicate with DONOKU once a project has begun?

Given the complexity and number of projects we manage, we prefer correspondence via email or IM. We find that these means of communication streamline the explanation of project details and are more user-friendly than telephone transactions. An email or chat transcript gives both parties documentation of any project-related changes, issues and/or resolutions. We are always, however, available via telephone, and are more than happy to assist our clients with any project-related questions or concerns.

In addition, DONOKU will not send you e-mail that you have not agreed to receive. If you are a member of our mailing list, you will be kept abreast with announcements, news, portfolio additions, and new products or services. You have the option to unsubscribe from our mailing list at any time, thereby disabling any further e-mail communication.


*How long will it take to complete graphic designs?

Current delivery times are usually 72 business hours for initial mockups, and 48 business hours for revisions. However, timeframes can vary due to workload and artistic development.


*How long will it take to complete projects involving programming?

Delivery times for coding work vary depending on the needs of each project.

*What if I have to move up the initial deadline for completion?

In case of an emergency or accelerated timeline, a fee (or fees) will be added to the total cost of your project. Please remember we have multiple professionals working on multiple projects at all times. Please communicate your expectations for time, quality and pricing prior to your selection of our services. We will do our best to fulfill all of your requirements.


*Can I request a revision of the completed project?

We will do our best to meet all of your graphic needs. Revisions should be requested with the reason(s) why it did not fulfill your expectations. This information is vital and will be used during the next round of revisions. A maximum of ten revisions will be given to any project before a second information-gathering phase. During this second phase, DONOKU may determine that we are unable to meet all of your project’s requests, and reserve the right to decline of the completion of the project.

On projects incorporating programming, we will ask for your confirmation on structural functioning before coding begins, as revisions on the structure of a coding piece are subject to our approval.


*How do you plan on creating my web site?

The decisions made and implemented in the planning phase set the stage for the entire project. It is especially important because it requires client interaction, and we use our experience and expertise to give our full attention to each and every detail.

  • Requirements analysis
  • Site map
  • Contracts that define roles, copyright and financial points
  • Determine required software and resources (stock photography, fonts, etc.)

*What happens in the design stage?

In the design stage, the ideas and decisions made in the planning process become reality. During this phase, documented site structure and visual representations are delivered to the client.

  • Wireframe and design elements planning
  • Mock-ups based on requirements analysis
  • Review and approval cycle
  • Slice and code valid XHTML/CSS

*What happens in the development stage?

The majority of the programming work, including content loading, is completed during the development stage. Throughout this process, code will be kept organized and commented, and the DONOKU team will refer to the decisions made during the planning process to ensure that all of your goals are met.

  • Build development framework.
  • Code templates for each page type.
  • Develop and test special features and interactivity.
  • Fill with content.
  • Test and verify links and functionality.

*What happens in the launch stage?

The launch phase of the project ensures that your site is ready for the public. This includes adding the finishing touches to design elements and a consideration of the user experience. Our efficient quality assurance procedure guarantees that the content and designs work as intended, even on different database host addresses and platforms.

  • Polishing
  • Transfer to live server
  • Testing
  • Final cross-browser check (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, iPhone)

*What do you mean by post-launch?

After your product is launched, the DONOKU team works with you to address all of the details included in the project closure. Source files are packaged, instructions for use are included, and necessary training is provided during the post-launch phase. We strive to ensure that you are as informed as possible, but if any questions do arise in the future, we are always available for maintenance and ongoing support.

  • Hand off to client
  • Provide documentation and source files
  • Project close, final documentation


*How will I receive my final product?

Deliverables are usually the result of work on the source files; however, in the case of certain projects, deliverables are actually the source files. Deliverables are usually the result of work on the source files; however, in the case of certain projects, deliverables are actually the source files. All deliverables and source files are sent two ways, electronically (emailed or placed in web locations for downloading) or physically mailed to you location.

Web development projects are set up at the web location selected by the client.

We work with industry-standard formats for deliverables. If the client has not specified otherwise, our team will deliver files in the most suitable formats.

Upon full payment, we will deliver all source files used in the development of the project. This will give you freedom to make future revisions.

If no special software for the project source files is specified, our team will select the best software for this application. We prefer Adobe Photoshop CS and Adobe Illustrator CS for most of our web and graphic work, but can use other formats for editorial design (Quark), animation (Flash), sound and 3D rendering.


*What is your satisfaction guarantee?

We do our best to avoid bugs in our codes, typos or other issues in our design projects. However, in such cases, we will fix such mistakes at no charge. This guarantee protects you if the work was defective at the time of delivery (and not because of changing environments).

We are happy to make small revisions even after delivering the project at no extra charge. If changes need to be immediate, work time exceeds half an hour, or repetitive revisions are requested, we may charge a low hourly rate, which will be communicated to the client prior to commencing work.


*Who receives copyright privileges?

Clients receive full copyright privileges, including unlimited use of the site, modification and editing of all the work done by DONOKU with the following exceptions: STOCK PHOTOGRAPHY and THIRD PARTY SOFTWARE.


We use royalty-free stock photography for most of our work. Under no circumstances will DONOKU assume responsibility for the usage of any copyrighted material provided by the client.

Third party software

The usage of third party software is subject to its own copyright policies.


*When will I be expected to submit a payment?

A 50% down payment from first time clients is due before beginning a project.

We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause, but we have found that this business practice helps to lower fraud rates. Lowering these rates ensures that we can continue to deliver high quality services to our existing clients. We thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding.

Source files are delivered after full payment is received. Full payment is required after the project is complete and the client has been notified.

For medium and large projects, we can provide flexible payment terms if needed.

*How can I submit payment to DONOKU?

Payment is typically requested through PayPal. Alternate methods include bank checks or wire transfers, although we require that funds are cleared prior to beginning the project.

PayPal is the most widely used payment portal on the Internet, and you can use a credit card or existing PayPal account to complete the transaction. PayPal is secure and easy to use: you will receive an email containing a link from our billing department. Payment fees for the usage of the portal are completely paid by LOG Technology Consulting.

IMPORTANT: If any other method of payment is preferred, this must be communicated prior to the start of work on the project. This rule is non-negotiable.


*What is your refund policy?

We will refund 100% of the deposit in cases where the project is cancelled before any files have been sent. No questions asked.

PLEASE NOTE: No deposits will be refunded once your first file has been sent. This includes any files that have been sent to you by mail, emailed, or posted on the web for your review.


*Will my information be kept secure?

Every message, conversation, file or data you send regarding your business is kept strictly confidential by our company. Under no circumstances will we reveal, sell or use this information for any purpose other than for developing the project.

Lastly, we reserve the right to display our work under our own portfolio as part of our marketing strategies. If you wish that your work not to be shown as part of our marketing portfolio, this must be communicated prior to the start of the project.


Let’s work together and set your business apart from the rest.